That place where the "royals" live.

Had the chance to work from London for a little bit on my trip around the world. Was a nice change of pace!

A quick edit of one day in London a few years ago.

And as expected, it was raining in London when I landed. 😂

Made my way to Hammersmith where I'd be working and staying, and later met up with my colleagues.

Later that evening we went out to the city-side for some sight-seeing.

This cafe became our base of operations, and most days started from here.

Have to commend the quality of plays in London! Watched "The book of Mormon" and "The Play that Goes Wrong". They were both amazing!

Had the opportunity to catch up with my friend and previous collegue Ness! Was so good to see her again.

Yep this is exactly what it looks like. A restaurant that serves only cereal. Oh and they have "every kind of cereal"™️.

Also got to catch up with Smooths, another friend who's moved to the UK.

Now this is how biriyani should be served.. It was amazing!

On my last day I caught up with some childhood family friends, who lived close to the airport. We watched the rather energized India VS Pakistan world cup cricket match.