Tokyo - Day 1

Tokyo - Day 1

First day in Tokyo

I'd just resigned from my job, and on the last day, flew out to Japan with friends. Here is the visual journal of that adventure!

Varsha and I met up at Sydney Airport and flew out to Japan.

Met up with Sniggy in Tokyo airport.

And we met up with Priya and Ashwani later that day in Shinjuku! We started out by going to the Gyoen National Garden.

We headed back to the city after. The crowds are real in Tokyo…

Looks like he'd eat Ash. 😂

And we decided to explore around Harajuku in the evening. Quite the lively place!

And we then decided to visit this 'famous' restaurant experience.. but.. yea.. So random.

Yea.. That expression summaries this "Robot Restaurant" experience.

This was a bit too much to take in. We were ready to call it an evening.